Employee Handbook: Acknowledgement Form

Each employee should know that it is their responsibility to read and understand the company handbook. It is a good idea to put this acknowledgment at the beginning of the handbook. Being aware of the importance of the handbook may ensure that your employees actually read it. Additionally, it helps avoid "but no one told me" conversations in the future.

The acknowledgment statement should be signed by the employee, within a reasonable time (i.e. two (2) weeks) and returned to the appropriate personnel representative. The acknowledgment be clear without sounding ominous or threatening.

Small Business Notes
Employee Handbook

This employee handbook has been prepared for your information and understanding of the policies, philosophies and practices and benefits of Small Business Notes. Please read it carefully. Upon completion of your review of this handbook, sign the statement below, and return it to your supervisor by the due date. A copy of this acknowledgment appears at the back of the handbook for your records.

I, ____________________, have received and read a copy of the Small Business Notes Employee Handbook which outlines the goals. policies, benefits and expectations of Small Business Notes, as well as my responsibilities as an employee.

I have familiarized myself with the contents of this handbook. By my signature below, I acknowledge, understand, accept and agree to comply with the information contained in the Employee Handbook provided to me by Small Business Notes. I understand this handbook is not intended to cover every situation which may arise during my employment, but is simply a general guide to the goals, policies, practices. benefits and expectations of Small Business Notes.

I understand that the Small Business Notes Employee Handbook is not a contract of employment and should not be deemed as such.

(Employee signature)

Please return by: ______________________
(put date here)

It is a good idea to set aside time and have your employee read the handbook during the orientation process, or provide an extra thirty minutes at a lunch break during the first week for this express purpose. Then encourage the employee to take it home and further review during the second week of employment. Schedule a conference with the employee at the end of the second week, or Monday of the beginning of the third week (no later), to answer any questions and obtain the signed acknowledgment.