Employee Handbook: Payroll

It is a good idea to outline payroll processing options, if any such as direct deposit, as well as pay periods (weekly, bi-weekly, 24 or 26 pay periods per year). In some companies hourly employees are paid on a different cycle than salaried employees. This should be addressed in the handbook to minimize confusion.

Small Business Notes
Employee Handbook

Small Business Notes employees are paid bi-weekly. Our payroll process includes:

Direct Deposit
While an employee can certainly have his/her actual pay check delivered directly to their desk each pay period, Small Business Notes provides, and encourages, direct deposit of paychecks. This is a service which saves you time and provides added security. With this option, each paycheck will be automatically deposited to your checking or savings account (or divided between the two) as your choose. Each pay day, you still receive a pay stub for your records - much like a voided check with all the same information which would appear on your regular check - except the face of the check is voided. No trips to the bank are necessary because your salary appears in your bank account on payday, or in some cases the night before. Direct Deposit will be initiated one pay period following the receipt of the signed authorization form from the employee.

Payroll Deductions
As required by law, Small Business Notes will deduct Federal Social Security and Income Tax from your payroll check each pay period. Group Insurance premiums for eligible employee and dependent family members will be deducted from your payroll check each pay period, once the employee completes the appropriate authorization forms.