Employee Handbook: Use of Company Property

The example below is a fairly strict policy for the use of company equipment. You may want to permit "reasonable" use of telephones or computers, for example as long as it does not interfere with the business.

Personal computers require a new level of discipline, particularly with Internet access. Make sure that the Internet "research" that an employee is doing is related to the business and is authorized. With a small work force you will generally know if "surfing" is hurting productivity. With a large work force you may want to restrict Internet access or look into tracking software. It is not uncommon to see employees that install "pirated" or "borrowed" software on company computers - don't allow this to happen, as the company could be held liable for violating license agreements.

Small Business Notes
Employee Handbook
Use of Company Property

Small Business Notes will provide you with the necessary equipment to do your job. None of this equipment should be used for personal use, nor removed from the physical confines of Small Business Notes - unless it is approved and your job specifically requires use of company equipment outside the physical facility of Small Business Notes.

Computer equipment, including laptops, may not be used for personal use - this includes word processing and computing functions. It is forbidden to install any other programs to a company computer without the written permission of your supervisor. These forbidden programs include, but are not limited to, unlicensed software, pirated music, and pornography. The copying of programs installed on the company computers is not allowed unless you are specifically directed to do so in writing by your supervisor.

The telephone lines at Small Business Notes must remain open for business calls to service our customers. Employees are requested to discourage any personal calls - incoming and outgoing - with the exception of emergency calls. No long distance calls which are not trictly business-related are to be made on company phones.