Employee Handbook: Worker's Compensation

Worker's Compensation laws vary from state to state. Many states require that businesses carry worker's compensation insurance. Check with your state for details. This policy should be discussed with your insurance provider, if applicable or with your lawyer.

The example shown below is for a company with required insurance coverage.

Small Business Notes
Employee Handbook
Worker's Compensation

Employees who are injured on the job at Small Business Notes are covered by Worker's Compensation Insurance. It is your responsibility to immediately notify your supervisor of any injuries you sustain while on the job at Small Business Notes.

Your supervisor will notify your personnel representative. We encourage injured employees to seek immediate medical attention. All medical expenses related to the treatment of an injury sustained on the job are paid in full directly to the medical providers. After a specified waiting period, you are also eligible for disability payments set forth by state law, where necessary.

The Worker's Compensation plan is administered by a separate insurance company who will be notified by your personnel representative. You will be contacted by a representative of the administering company. Information on the current company administering this plan will be provided to you by your personnel representative. Additional information on Worker's Compensation Insurance is available from Personnel.