Facilitating Open Communication

  1. Immediately attempt to establish a rapport with the candidate by breaking the ice; for example, ask about their experiences in a particular industry or geographical location (refer to his/her resume).

  2. Promote a relaxed environment with free-flowing conversation.

  3. Do not dominate the discussion by talking too much. Many experts use a 80/20 rule - you talk 20% of the time and the candidate talks 80% of the time.

  4. Politely probe the candidate for information by asking open-ended questions that will provide insight into the candidate's values and traits.

  5. Ask structured questions that will require some thought on the part of the candidate.

  6. Listen carefully to the candidate's answers. If they do not provide you with specific results, probe until they do.

  7. Explain the selection process to the candidate. Offer realistic time frames and stick to your word.


Interviewing Pointers:
Prepare in Advance for the Interview
Collect Pertinent Information During the Interview
Look and Act Professionally During the Interview
Treat All Candidates Fairly
Be Courteous and Respectful
Facilitate Open Communication
Off-limits Topics