African-American Small Business Resources

There are a variety of small business resources available that have been developed specifically to help African-Americans start and operate small businesses. African-American is defined here as persons living in the United States who are of African ancestry. Following are some resources available for African-Americans who run or want to run a small business.

The African American Business Directory
A directory of African-American businesses in 125 U.S. cities.

The African-American Business Link
A directory and communication center for African-American owned businesses and other businesses/organizations that want to do business with African-Americans.

African-American Shopping Mall
A place for African-American businesses to showcase their wares, and to offer products and services of interest to the African-American community. Also, includes a list of African-American newspapers.

Black Britain
Information on the African-American community in Great Britain.

Black Enterprise
This magazine is for black businessmen and women, professionals and administrators dealing with all aspects of black economic development. Its articles deal with money management, industry highlights, careers and high technology. It also offers a career marketplace and a classified section.

The Black EOE Journal
Articles on educational and scholarship opportunities, employment placement and recruitment, employment training and development, career planning and advancement, self awareness and personal improvement for African-Americans.
Small business resources for African-Americans.

Minority Business Development Agency
Part of the U.S. Department of Commerce, specifically created to encourage the creation, growth and expansion of minority-owned businesses in the United States. MBDA provides access to public/private debt and equity financing, market opportunities, and management and business information; coordinates and leverages public and private resources; and, facilitates strategic alliances.

Minority Programs at the Small Business Administration
The SBA strives to reach those sectors of the population currently underserved by its programs, including ethnic populations, women, veterans, and both urban and rural businesses. They have identified resources that offer opportunities and assistance.

NYC Black Search
A New York City African American Black Business Directory.

Turning Point Magazine
A media communications company providing information and resources for African American small business owners seeking a "turning point" in their business growth and development.

Some of the federal and state government agencies also have special programs to encourage minority involvement in business. Check out the Federal Government and State Government pages to explore what might be available for your specific business.