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A modern book or periodical publishing company (or publisher) is usually involved in buying or commissioning content, editing it, and preparing it for printing. It usually also controls the advertising and other marketing tasks. However, it is usually not directly involved in retail sale of the product.

It is usual for publishing companies to subcontract various aspects of the process. Book publishers rarely own printing presses and binderies, although newspaper and magazine companies still often do. Book editing, proof-reading and layout might be done by freelancers, and the finished product sold to a distributor. If the entire process up to the stage of printing is handled by an outside company or individuals, then sold to the publishing company, it is known as book packaging.

In the jargon of the publishing trade scientific, technical and medical publishing is referred to as "STM publishing".

Publishers have the NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) code of 511130. The NAICS definition of the publishing industry is "establishments tha carry out design, editing, and marketing activities necessary for producing and distributing books. These establishments may publish books in print, electronic, or audio form."

Introduction | Books | Magazines | Professional Resources | Related Articles | Sample Business Plans | Start-up Issues


The Associated Press Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law
Defines usage, spelling, and grammar for newspaper editors, but very useful for any writer.

The Chicago Manual of Style
The most important guide for preparing and editing book manuscripts for publication.

Complete Guide to Book Marketing
Covers marketing to the book trade and the library market, selling direct and building a direct-mail program, marketing on the Internet, tapping into special sales opportunities and non-bookstore outlets, creating an effective PR campaign; and crafting persuasive marketing copy.

The Complete Guide to Self Publishing
Published by the Writer's Digest.

Complete Guide To Successful Publishing
How to develop ideas into books, find authors, negotiate contracts, establish, run, and increase profits, design the text and cover, chapterize and layout a book, find distributors and get them to pick your line, identify the target audience, market the line, and expand your company into a large business.

Complete Idiot's Guide to Publishing Children's Books
While written from the author's point-of-view, this book provides practical advice on the process of putting together a children's book.

The Copyeditor's Handbook
What copyeditors do, what they look for when they edit a manuscript, and how they develop the editorial judgment needed to make sound decisions.

How To Start And Run A Small Book Publishing Company
The nuts and bolts of setting up and running a book publishing business.

Kirsch's Guide to the Book Contract
For authors, publishers, editors and agents.

Literary Law Guide for Authors
Copyrights, trademarks and contracts in plain language.

Publishing for Profit
Management for book publishers, including a chapter on electronic publishing, e-books and print-on-demand.

Introduction | Books | Magazines | Professional Resources | Related Articles | Sample Business Plans | Start-up Issues


Rates the best and worst in new books by summarizing book reviews from over 40 major publications and reviews.

Electronic Publishing
Up-to-date, expert, and authoritative information on technology, products, and trends in the electronic publishing marketplace. The magazine analyzes new directions in business and technology, reports on and reviews computer-based publishing products, delivers practical hands-on techniques, and explores the future of electronic publishing and printing.

London Review of Books
Reviews often discuss the entire topic of the book, not only critique its quality. The book's influence and place in society is also discussed in a lively manner.

New York Times Book Review
Discusses current literary trends in several features about books and authors.

New York Review of Books
Contains essays concerning historical, literary and current political affairs and issues.

Profiles and interviews the top writers of today and the voices of tomorrow.

Publishing News
Book news from around the Globe! Covers topics such as World Book Day, the Orange Prize, holiday schemes for booksellers, and the latest popular books. Published in England.

Publishers Weekly
Covers trade news, book design and manufacture, bookselling and merchandising, plus interviews with influential authors and publishing principles.

TLS: Times Literary Supplement
Literary supplement to the London Times with comprehensive weekly selection of new and forthcoming books received by TLS. Provides full hardback and paperback publication details, including date, price and ISBN. Coverage of world literature, history, politics and the arts.

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