Dance Studio as a Business

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A dance studio is a school which is established to teach dance. They are often based locally and offer classes to interested students who live nearby. Depending on the studio, a variety of styles of dance may be offered, or only one.

The word studio is derived from the Latin word, studere, meaning zeal. So, one could interpret this as meaning that a dance studio is a place where there is devotion to dance in any form. Dance (from Old French dancier, perhaps from Frankish) generally refers to human movement either used as a form of expression or presented in a social, spiritual or performance setting.

Dance studios have the NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) code of 611610.

Introduction | Books | Magazines | Professional Resources | Related Articles | Sample Business Plans | Start-up Issues


The Art of Making Dances
The art of choreography, including the design, dynamics and rhythm of dance.

The Art of Teaching Ballet
Interviews of ten exceptional teachers, representing different artistic lineages, employing distinctive classroom techniques, and structuring a range of varying exercises. Each profile combines philosophical discussion and anecdotal history with sample representative classroom exercises.

Ballroom Dancing
For nearly 70 years, Alex Moore's book has been a favorite guide to standard techniques of ballroom dancing - for beginners, for competition dancers, and for students of ballroom dance courses. Now in its tenth edition, this classic and comprehensive handbook has been revised to bring it up to date in keeping with changes on the dance floor and in the rules of dance competitions.

Conditioning for Dance
Techniques for strengthening the body's core while improving coordination, balance, alignment, and flexibility, designed especially for dancers.

Dance Anecdotes : Stories from the Worlds of Ballet, Broadway, the Ballroom, and Modern Dance
A book of stories by and about dancers - entertaining and informative anecdotes that capture the boundless variety and richness of dance as an art, a tradition, a profession, a pastime, an obsession, a reality, and, for the dancer, an ideal.

Dance Imagery for Technique and Performance
This text and reference provides 583 imagery exercises designed to improve dance technique, artistic expression, and performance. More than 160 illustrations highlight images and exercises that can be put to use immediately in movements and choreography.

Dance Technique and Injury Prevention
Resource book covering functional anatomy as it relates to the dancer, the analysis of posture and movement as it relates to the classical dancer, the typical injuries sustained by dancers, and their management and rehabilitation.

Essential Guide to Business in the Performing Arts
This text addresses the business skills that are essential to those involved in the performing arts. With increasing emphasis on freelance and small-scale work in the arts, this book provides an introduction to areas such as marketing, finance and fundraising.

The Performing Arts Business Encyclopedia
This reference offers explanations of the most significant business and legal terms and practical issues relating to the performing arts. Entries are arranged in alphabetical order and are written in easy-to-understand language.

Teaching Beginning Ballet Technique
Provides specific information about the teaching/learning process, understanding the theoretical foundations of ballet, constructing and managing the class, and assessing student progress, along with a logical, sequential plan that guides instructors through the actual teaching of exercises, steps, principles, and progressions.

Introduction | Books | Magazines | Professional Resources | Related Articles | Sample Business Plans | Start-up Issues


Dance College Guide
Searching for the right college dance program just got easier: 600+ Listings; Program Profiles; Expert Advice; Student Perspectives; Graduate Study; Somatic Practices.

Dance International
Features regular and special reports from correspondents around the world in the field of dance.

Dance Magazine
Focuses on classical and contemporary dance worldwide. Features the most talked about companies and performers, dance news, reviews of performances, dance books, films and TV.

Dance Now
Contains reviews of choreography, dancing and dancers as well as education and training.

Dance Spirit
Published six times a year, Dance Spirit covers ballet to hip hop, jazz to funk, and is written to serve the needs of professional dancers. Each issue includes dance techniques and interviews with notable members of the dance community.

Dance Teacher
Includes dance techniques, business and health articles, plus seminars and competition calendars for teachers of all dance forms: ballet, jazz, modern, aerobic, ballroom and folk.

Dance Theatre Journal
Professional journal covering all aspects of contemporary dance, ballet, dance education, and training.

Journal of Dance Medicine and Science
Articles with a focus on the identification, treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention of illness and injuries in dancers. Articles emphasize the application of scientific principles to current practice.

News about upcoming and major companies, education and job opportunities, profiles of the masters and the stories behind major productions.

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