Flour Milling

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in (1) milling flour or meal from grains (except rice) or vegetables and/or (2) milling flour and preparing flour mixes or doughs.

The NAICS industry code for Flour Milling is 311211. Included in this industry are:

Barley flour manufacturing
Batters, prepared, made in flour mills
Blended flour made in flour mills
Brewers' and distillers' flakes and grits, corn, manufacturing
Buckwheat flour manufacturing
Bulgur (flour) manufacturing
Cereal grain flour manufacturing
Cereal grain germ manufacturing
Corn flour manufacturing
Corn meal made in flour mills
Doughs, prepared, made in flour mills
Durum flour manufacturing
Farina (except breakfast food) made in flour mills
Flour mills, cereals grains (except breakfast cereals, rice)
Flour mixes made in flour mills
Flour, blended, prepared, or self-rising (except rice), made in flour mills
Fruit flour, meal, and powders, manufacturing
Graham flour manufacturing
Grain mills (except animal feed, breakfast cereal, rice)
Grits and flakes, corn brewer's, manufacturing
Hominy grits (except breakfast food), manufacturing
Meal, corn, for human consumption made in flour mills
Mixes, flour (e.g., biscuit, cake, doughnut, pancake) made in flour mills
Oat flour manufacturing
Potato flour manufacturing
Prepared flour mixes made in flour mills
Rye flour manufacturing
Semolina flour manufacturing
Sorghum flour manufacturing
Vegetable flour manufacturing
Vegetable flour, meal, and powders, made in flour mills
Wheat bran manufacturing
Wheat flour manufacturing
Wheat germ manufacturing

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Information courtesy of the U.S. Census Bureau.