Marketing Plan: The Executive Summary

The Executive Summary section of your marketing plan allows you to introduce your company and explain the major points of your plan in a nutshell. A number of people lack the time and interest to read your entire marketing plan; nonetheless, they need to understand what it is basically about. The Executive Summary is for them.

you will need to write it after the other sections have been written, since it's a summary of their major points. Some of the key points to cover are listed below:

  1. Introduce your company by briefly describing the nature of your business and the products or services you offer.

    • If your business is already in operation, state how long you've been in business and how long you've been at your current location. Describe your business activities including sales and customers. Highlight your accomplishments and successes.
    • If your business is not yet in operation, describe the experience and training you have that qualifies you to operate this type of business. Include similar information for business partners or key managers of the company.
  2. State your mission and company objectives.

    • Your mission can be relatively abstract. As an example, for a child daycare center it might be to provide quality day care for children.
    • Company objectives are more specific, such as to be the child care provider of choice within a specified area and to increase enrollment by 25 percent within the next 12 months.
  3. Introduce your management team.

    • Describe the organizational structure of your business. Is it a sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation?
    • List key management. Include copies of their resumes in the supporting documents section.
    • Disclose management salaries and ownership, management assistance and training needs, and supporting professionals (such as a bookkeeper or lawyer).
    • List the board of directors.
  4. Close the executive summary with a brief statement of the main marketing objectives and strategies contained in the plan.