Choosing to run your own business is a big step that few people take lightly. While the rewards seem self-evident, the challenges are substantial also. Learn more about what making the choice is about from assessing whether taking the step is right for you to looking at business models to help you find the right business.

Table of Contents:

Business Models
Choosing the Right Business
Entrepreneurial Issues
How to Decide Whether to Be an Entrepreneur
SWOT Analysis
What Is an Entrepreneur?


Entrepreneurism isn't just about starting a business. It is a dynamic field that covers a wide spectrum of activities and adventures. Entrepreneurial Issues gives an overview of some of the many ways entrepreneurism is practiced and tells a little about the history of entrepreneurism. What is an Entrepreneur? gives an overview of what it takes to be an entrepreneur.


For many of you, other responsibilities in your life make it difficult to make the leap into starting your own business right now, but you are creative and are looking for ways to be entrepreneurial. Intrapreneurship, being entrepreneurial within a larger business, may be the answer to your needs.

Undecided about taking the step?

Making the choice to start a business can be a difficult decision. Some of the obstacles that keep people from making the choice to run your own business are:

  • Do you really have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?
  • Will I be able to support myself financially?
  • How much money will I need to start a business?
  • What is the "right" business for me?
  • What are all the steps I need to take to start a business?

If you are still at the undecided stage, I have put together a simple self-scored quiz to see if you are ready to take the leap.

Decided, but don't know what business you want to start?

Perhaps you need to look at different ways to stimulate your creativity. Creativity is important in running any business. So, even if you don't find the right idea for you, know more about creativity will help you be a better business owner.

Another great resource is my list of types of businesses you can start. In Choosing the Right Business I provide a number of resources about the types of businesses you might run and what you need to know to run that business.

The actual business you pursue is not the only decision you will need to make. There are a variety of business models that you also should consider in identifying the best way to run your business. The business models article also looks at other options besides starting a business from scratch.

Want to read what other people say about starting a business?

Here are some good books that provide insights into what running your own business entails.

Ready to own a business?

Think you are ready to run your own business. Visit Starting a Business
to look at ways to not only start a business from scratch, but also to look at ways to buy into an existing business or franchise.


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