Starting a business is a busy time. Not only are you trying to produce a product or service that is marketable, but you are also putting together all the organizational details that are the basis of the business. The information here is presented to help you make certain you have covered all the bases on your way to a successful business venture.

Once you have decided that you want to own a small business, you need to decide whether you want to buy a business, buy a franchise, get involved in a multi-level marketing (MLM) business, or start from scratch. If you are buying a business, franchise or MLM business, do check to make certain it is not a scam before making any commitments.

Many of you may know that you want to start a busines, but don't know what exact business you want to start. Take a look at the list of business possibilities to get ideas for businesses you might run and what the investment, financially and time-wise would be.

Whatever choice you are making for your business, there are a variety of business models, such as whether it is home-based or office-based, that will have some bearing on how you run the business. The more specific you can be at this stage about what will work for you, the higher your probability of success. You certainly don't want to get into a business, and then discover that you have not considered something that makes a vital difference in how you feel about running this particular business.

If you are buying a business, you will have a functional business in place. You may wish to change how it operates, but you will not have the startup concerns that a new business implies. I have put together a Startup Checklist for those of you who are starting fresh. The checklist includes the steps you need to cover to help you make certain you have covered all the bases.

Table of Contents:

Books about Starting a Business
Business Incubation
Business Models
Business Opportunity Scams
Business Possibilities
Buying a Business
Choosing A Business Name
Equipping Your Business
Hiring Employees
The Legal Form of Your Business
The Legal Requirements for Starting a Business
Multi-level Marketing
Obtaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN)
Opening Your Doors for Business
Public Libraries
Recordkeeping Systems
The Right Office for Your Business
Risk Management / Insurance
Setting Up Business Operations
Setting up a Financial Management System
Starting a Business and Keeping Records
Startup Checklist
Startup Financing


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